Starting systems

for summer sports

All our systems are manufactured in our production facility in Lindenberg / Germany. Thanks to the mechanical system, our starting systems offer a precise and simultaneous starting process. Electronic and automatic triggering with random programming is recommended as an accessory.


Our systems offer attractive areas for sponsorship at the gates and between the modules.

The right gate for every event

Regardless of whether it is a cross, parallel or team event, we offer you the right solution for every application. Thanks to the convenient and simple separation of the mechanics, each gate can be controlled and triggered individually.

Launch systems

For mountain bikes, BMX and motocross



Motorsport gate in modular design for any expansion option

BMX / Mountainbike

BMX / Mountainbike

Bike gate for cross events. Configuration for 4 starters, freely expandable. The distances between the gates can be freely selected.

BMX / Mountainbike

BMX / Mountainbike

Startgate for parallel events with large advertising space for sponsors or TV productions. Can be expanded as required for cross-events.



Start system for marathon starts. Specially developed for current hygiene requirements. Allows the runners to start at set intervals and in order. Modularly expandable as required.

Is your sport not listed? Contact us, we will find a solution!


Control systems

All of our control systems are stable and insensitive to impacts, built into waterproof outdoor cases with high-quality sockets for connecting the cylinders, buttons and power supply according to outdoor standards. All components are manufactured in high industrial quality. Depending on the type, our control systems have a touchscreen and various outputs for traffic lights and signal systems. The controls are compatible with common timing systems.

Signal systems

Traffic lights

Medium: The small traffic light system is specially designed to be attached to practically any point using Velcro and is designed for the visual output of the countdown systems.

Large: The middle ampal system is designed for the visual output of the countdown signals and is usually set up in front of the runner in his field of vision. The bright LED light signals are mounted on telescopic aluminum poles and can be retracted for transport.

XLarge: The large traffic light system is designed for the visual and acoustic output of the countdown signals. The very large LED panels are good for the audience and e.g. B. to pursue the goal at night finals.


For output of the acoustic signal when countdown starts. The horn is mounted on telescopic aluminum poles and can be retracted for transport.


For the transport, protection and assembly of our launch systems.



Custom-made boxes for transport and storage. Also suitable for transport with the snow groomer and certified for international transport. The wooden construction absorbs moisture and minimizes corrosion.



Custom-made flight cases for the transport of traffic lights and signal systems, start buzzer and horn