Startgate X Cross Junior

Unser Startgate X Cross Junior ist baugleich mit dem Startgate X Cross Worldcup, jedoch von der Größe angepasst und massstäblich herunterskaliert für die Junioren. Somit ist es das optimale Produkt für Trainnigsmassnahmen und Rennservice des Ski- und Snowboard-Nachwuchs.

FIS Homologation – made in Germany

Our Startgate X Cross 4 is patented and corresponds to the international standard for professional winter sports of the FIS. The start system has already been successfully used at FIS races, European Cups, World Cups and Olympic Games. The last big HIGHLIGHT was in 2018 in Pyeongchang.

100 % Exact start

The Startgate X Cross 4 is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminium. Due to the mechanical system it offers an exact and simultaneous start sequence. The electronic and automatic release with random programming is recommended as an accessory.

Advertising space – for your sponsors

The START GATE X World Cup offers attractive spaces for advertising at the gates and between the modules.

Als besonderes Highlight für unseren Nachwuchs bieten wir das Startgate X Cross Junior zu einem von uns subventionierten Spezialpreis an!