<p>optional mit TFT-Monitoren zur Einblendung von Logos, Nationenflaggen, etc. oder Sidepanels mit großflächigen LED-Ampelsignalen</p>


Startgate // Parallel WorldCup Night Vision

Modified version of the Start gate // Parallel World Cup

Optionally, the Startgate // Parallel World Cup can be extended with additional TFT monitors to display sponsor logos, name lettering, national flags, etc. Alternatively, the monitors can also be used for large-area visual display of start signals at night and city events.

Another option are our new side panels with large LED light signals (see illustration on the left).

Exact electronic triggering

The exact triggering of the start gates takes place via an electro-mechanical system. The distance between the two gates can be freely selected by this. For the Startgate Parallel World Cup night vision, an electro-mechanical trigger unit is required for each gate. The start intervals are controlled via countdown and indicated by acoustic and visual output. Another new feature is the dropboard's easy retrieval function using a hand lever.

NEW – Touchscreen control

Our new control has a touch screen which enables the direct input of starter lists and times. Thus, a time-shifted triggering of the start gates can be achieved easily and comfortably. The control is the complete solution for all disciplines, especially for parallel and team events.