<p>Aluminium- und Carbon-Bauweise bei minimalem Packmaß und einem Gesamtgewicht von nur 8kg</p>

Startgate // Parallel Travel Carbon

The new innovative Travel Gate is the optimal solution for ski and snowboard teams on worldwide training programs. Due to the aluminium and carbon construction with minimal packing size and an unbeatable total weight of 8kg, the new Travel Gate is the absolute innovation in training.

Exact electronic triggering

The exact triggering of the start gates takes place via an electro-mechanical system. The distance between the two gates can be freely selected by this. For the Startgate Travel Carbon, an electro-mechanical trigger unit is required for each gate. The start intervals are controlled via countdown and indicated by acoustic and visual output.

NEW - Touchscreen and App Control

The Travel Gate Carbon features an integrated miniature control unit including the battery unit with charging function. The start signal can be controlled either at the gate or using an app function via smartphone or tablet.