The light training and competition facility

The Stargate // Parallel Fis is made of aluminium. This makes the system stable and particularly light. The start gate consists of a single launch site. On the one hand it is intended as a training facility for winter and summer and on the other hand for parallel competitions as a light alternative to the Start Gate WC.

Incomplicated transport and assembly

The Stargate // Parallel Fis is almost completely assembled from the start. It can be assembled and disassembled easily in just a few steps. Due to its low weight, transport is easy and comfortable. In addition, the gate can simply be folded together and stowed in the transport bag.


The start can be triggered manually or electronically. Together with our electronic control systems it forms a complete setup for competition and training measures. Through the use of the random system it is for example also possible to trigger the start signal in the training itself. Thus an optimal start training can be completed.


Manual Startgate // Parallel FIS

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