FIS recommended


The quality of the SETTELE start and sports systems is guaranteed by our long experience in mechanical engineering as well as by our certified development and production company. The START GATE X WORLD CUP and the electronic system are patented.

The START GATE X WORLD CUP is the first launch system recommended by FIS. It was developed together with FIS and is constantly adapted to the latest requirements of the rapidly developing sports. Also in the conception of our other products we have always paid attention to the needs of the FIS.

Exact start

The gates of the competition start facilities can be opened both manually with a lever and via electronic control systems precisely and without influencing the athletes. False starts are avoided.

Made of stainless steel and aluminium

Our starting systems are made of stainless steel and lightweight aluminium components. This ensures long durability and highest quality.


Modular design

... whether-1 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 starters, the START GATE X WORLD CUP can be set up and configured as desired, as the individual modules of the start system are compatible with each other. Depending on the requirements, the launch system can be adapted at any time. The successful and proven START GATE X WORLD CUP with its modular design is the inspiration for further products from our portfolio.

Simple assembly and transport

During the development of our starting systems, special attention was paid to simple assembly or disassembly at the training or competition location. Our systems are also designed to be packed, transported and stored in a space-saving and comfortable way. A suitable box/bag is included or can be ordered.

Advertising space

All competition facilities offer a lot of space for advertising space for sponsors.

Competition or training equipment

Our products can be used both in winter and summer. They offer optimal competition and training conditions at any time of the year.