Traffic lights

Medium: The small traffic light system is specially designed for mounting with Velcro at practically any point and for the visual output of the countdown systems.

Large: The middle amp system is designed for the visual output of the countdown signals and is usually placed in front of the runner in his field of vision. The bright LED light signals are mounted on telescopic aluminium poles and can be retracted for transport.

XLarge: The large traffic light system is designed for the visual and acoustic output of the countdown signals. The very large LED panels are good for the audience and, for example, at night finals to follow from the target.

Loudspeaker / Horn

For output of the acoustic signal during countdown starts. The horn is mounted on telescopic aluminium poles and can be retracted for transport.

Snow Screws

Through our plastic snow screws with aluminium and stainless steel adapter plates, all our gates can be screwed very easily and quickly in the snow. By this light and uncomplicated anchoring the gates sit bomb-proof without large burying, icing etc.. The dismantling works again very fast and easy.


For the Startgate “FIS” we offer light but high-strength and high-quality bags. The complete gate can be stowed and transported easily and comfortably. Due to the long zipper over the entire side, stowing the folded gate with accessories is very easy, simple and comfortable.

Transport Box and Cases

For transport and storage, we offer special and tailor-made wood boxes and flight cases. The transport boxes are also suitable and designed for transport with snow groomers. The wooden construction, which absorbs moisture, minimises corrosion during the summer months. All boxes are treated and certified for international transport.

NEW: Snowcase / Tarpaulin

Lightweight cover made of sail material that covers the complete equipment during the race days. This means that the starting area is protected and prepared as quickly as possible, even during heavy snowfalls, rain or snow flurries. Available for all gates. Colour black with logo print.


All our systems can be operated independently with our battery system.